Laptop Repair book (Advanced)


Laptop Repair book (Advanced) for professional technician.

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Laptop Repair book (Advanced)

690 Pages

Table of Content

1- The architecture of the laptop motherboard.

2- The explanation of nouns and common concepts of laptop maintenance.

3- The basic application circuit of electronic components.

4- The use of the circuit diagram and the point bitmap.

5- The introduction of EC and BIOS.

6- The basic working process of a notebook computer.

7- The explanation of the PWM circuit.

8- Analysis of Quanta computer circuit.

9- Analysis of Wistron OEM laptop circuit.

10- Analysis of Compal OEM laptop circuit.

11- Analysis of Invenyec OEM laptop circuit.

12- Analysis of Intel PCH sequence(I3/I5/I7).

13- Analysis of ASUS K42JR(HM5x) timing sequence.

14- Analysis of Apple A1286(HM5x) timing sequence.

15- Analysis of DELL N4110(HM6x) timing sequence.

16- Analysis of ThinkPad(IBM) T410 timing sequence.

17- Timing analysis of AMD platform.

18- Analysis of the laptop battery charging circuit.

19- Maintenance of common failures.

20- Examples of maintenance.

21- The example of maintenance about don’t boot fault.

22- The example of the breakdown maintenance about not bright.

23- The fault maintenance examples of power down.

24- The maintenance examples of other faults.

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