ME Analyzer v1.8.1

A tool which can show various details about Intel Engine Firmware

Date 2018-09-26 23:23:33
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ME Analyzer Features:

Supports all Engine firmware generations (ME 1 – 11, TXE 1 – 3 & SPS 1 – 4)

Supports all types of file images (Engine Regions, SPI/BIOS images etc)

Detection of Family, Version, SKU, Date, Revision, Platform etc info

Detection of Production, Pre-Production, ROM-Bypass, MERecovery etc Releases

Detection of Region (Stock/clean or Extracted/dirty), Update etc Types

Detection of Security Version Number (SVN), Version Control Number (VCN) & PV

Detection of firmware’s Flash Image Tool platform configuration for ME 11 & up

Detection of Intel SPI Flash Descriptor region’s Access Permissions

Detection of whether the imported Engine firmware is updated

Detection of unusual Engine firmware (Corrupted, Compressed, OEM etc)

Detection of multiple Engine regions in the input file, the number only

Detection of special Engine firmware BIOS GUIDs via UEFIFind

Detection of unique mobile Apple Macintosh Engine firmware SKUs

Advanced detection & validation of Engine region’s firmware Size

Ability to analyze multiple files by drag & drop or by input path

Ability to unpack all Engine x86 firmware (ME >= 11, TXE >= 3, SPS >= 4)

Ability to detect & categorize firmware which requires attention

Ability to validate Engine region’s $FPT checksums & entries counter

Ability to detect various important firmware problems and corruptions

Supports SoniX/LS_29’s UBU, Lordkag’s UEFIStrip & CodeRush’s UEFIFind

Reports all firmware which is not found at the Engine Repository Database

Reports any new, unknown, problematic, incomplete etc Engine firmware images

Features command line parameters to enhance functionality & assist research

Features user-friendly messages & proper handling of unexpected code errors

Shows colored text to signify the importance of notes, warnings & errors

Open Source project licensed under GNU GPL v3, comment assisted code

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