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Creates and configures a complete SPI image file for CPT platforms

Date 2018-09-26 22:54:52
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Flash Image Tool:

The Flash Image tool (FITC.exe) creates and configures a complete SPI image file for CPT platforms in the following way:

1. FITC creates and allows configuration of the Flash Descriptor Region, which contains configuration information for platform hardware and FW.

2. FITC assembles the following into a single SPI flash image:
• Binary files of the following regions:
• Intel integrated LAN (GbE)
• Intel® ME
• Platform Descriptor Region
• The Flash Descriptor Region created by FITC

3. You can manipulate the completed SPI image via a GUI and change the various chipset parameters to match the target hardware. Various configurations can be saved to independent files, so you don't have to recreate a new image each time.
FITC supports a set of command line parameters that can be used to build an image from the CLI or from a makefile. When a previously stored configuration is used to define the image layout, you don't have to interact with the GUI.
FITC operates in one of two modes:
• Advanced – Same layout, look, and feel of FITC from previous generations
• Wizard – A step-by-step process limited to the essential features needed to create a full SPI image.
FITC just generates a complete SPI image file; it does not program the flash device. This complete SPI image must be programmed into the flash with FPT, any third-party flash burning tool, or some other flash burner device.

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